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Discovering OMB's 96% Garden Shade Net:Greenhouse Guardian


Discovering OMB's 96% Garden Shade Net:Greenhouse Guardian

More gardeners using shade nets. Nets help plants grow better. OMB 96% net is very good. It has many benefits for large gardens and home gardens. The net provides shade and protection for plants. This lets gardens produce more even in hot weather. Many farmers and homeowners choosing the OMB net for their shade needs. It helps maintain healthy soil and plant life.

What Sets OMB's 96% Shade Net Apart?

The OMB 96% Shade Net, weighing 185g with 6-needle construction, is made from 100% virgin material (HDPE) and has integrated UV protection. This robust design offers several advantages:

1. Weather resistance: Durable and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, OMB's Shade Net shields your plants from strong winds, heavy rains, and intense sunlight.

2. Temperature control: The net's shading and ventilation properties help regulate temperature. As a result, it minimizes heat load and prevents sunburn on your plants.

3. Pest control: Acting as a protective barrier, this shade net reduces the infiltration of potentially harmful pests and insects that could damage your crops.

4. Energy-saving: By lowering artificial cooling and heating requirements, the shade net reduces energy consumption and costs.

5. Increased production: OMB's Shade Net ensures an ideal growth environment by fine-tuning temperature, humidity, and light intensity, which ultimately leads to improved crop yields.

Global Deployment of Shade Nets

Shade nets are gaining popularity in numerous predominantly agricultural regions, including:

1. India: Indian farmers use shade nets to protect crops such as fruits and vegetables from intense sunlight, wind, and pests.

2. Africa: Across the continent, particularly in regions with scorching temperatures and scant rainfall, farmers rely on shade nets to safeguard their crops from harsh weather conditions and pests.

3. Southeast Asia: Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines use shade nets to shield rubber, tea, coffee, and other crops.

4. South America: In nations such as Brazil, Peru, and Mexico, sunshade nets are deployed for banana, coffee, and cocoa production.

5. Middle East: With its arid desert climate, many Middle Eastern countries utilize shade nets to protect valuable crop resources, such as date palms.

Product Specifications

· Material: 100% virgin material (HDPE) with UV protection

· Net weight: 40g/m² - 350g/m²

· Sizes: Width of 1-12m, length customizable

· Shading rate: 40%, 50%, 65%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or customizable

· Colors: Green, black, dark green, white, black-green, or customizable

· Lifespan: Minimum of 2-5 years

The OMB 96% garden shade net is very helpful for anyone who gardens. It can help farmers a lot but also people who garden at home. The net protects plants and makes them grow even better. It keeps soil and plants healthy no matter if you farm large areas or a small garden. With the OMB net, everything does real well even in hot sun. Plants produce more and better quality food. The net really improves how gardens do. Whether you garden big time or small, this net makes a big difference.

For more information on OMB's 96% Garden Shade Nets, visit OMB's website.

Source: OMB Textiles Website