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Defending Our Gardens: A Look at OMB's Shade Net


Defending Our Gardens: A Look at OMB's Shade Net

In the world of gardening, it's a well-known fact that unprotected plants are at the mercy of changing weather and direct sunlight. For budding green thumbs and professional horticulturists alike, this ushered in the need for an effective solution - the garden Mesh netting.

OMB, a trusted name in the textiles industry, has responded to this call with their Garden Shade Net. Featuring a 95% shade density, it's an exceptional tool to ensure plant safety and promote healthy growth.

Breaking Down the OMB Garden Mesh netting

The OMB garden shade net is a high-quality product made from PE (Polyethylene) material, designed to provide effective shade and protect against the harmful effects of the sun. One of its notable features is its composite structure, which consists of a combination of tape material woven together to create a durable and reliable shade netting for plants.

The shade net is carefully constructed using a "Tape+Tape" pattern, which enhances its strength and longevity. This composite structure ensures that the shade netting for plants withstands harsh weather conditions and maintains its integrity over time. Additionally, the net is designed with UV protection, effectively blocking the damaging rays of the sun.

With its superior durability and shade-providing capabilities, the OMB garden shade net is an ideal choice for various applications such as agriculture, horticulture, and construction. Whether you need shade for your plants, protection for outdoor structures, or a comfortable space for outdoor activities, this shade net is designed to meet your needs effectively.  

Notably, this isn't a flimsy fabric shielding your garden. With a gram weight of 170g, it stands hefty and robust, confidently facing off against harsh weather. OMB's 6-needle knitting technique further lends strength to this garden guardian, enhancing its life expectancy and resilience.

Garden Mesh netting - What's the Big Deal?

A 95% shade net might sound extremely opaque at first, but it's precisely this feature that makes OMB's garden shade net a game-changer. This 95% shade protects fruits, foliage, and blossoms while allowing them to get the sunlight they need for nourishment.

Shade nets are not just for commercial farming. Home gardeners and urban farmers also use them to protect their green spaces. OMB's garden shade net offers equal protection and benefits for both big vegetable gardens and small flower gardens.

Exploding on the Global Scene

Amid the varied climates around the globe, garden shade nets are gaining recognition as universal plant protectors. Garden shade nets, like the one from OMB, are important for gardening in Europe, India, Australia, and the US. They protect plants from hail and heat in both commercial and personal gardens.

OMB's Garden Shade Net protects gardens from harsh weather and ensures a healthy yield, suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners.

For more information on OMB Garden Shade Nets, visit the OMB Textiles website.

Source: OMB Textiles Website